What have I been up to? Scary fun.

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One of the reasons it has been quiet here lately is because, as many of you know, for the past nine or so months I have been working on my own venture.   As if raising infant twins wasn't demanding enough I decided it was time to knock "start company" off my list of to-do's.  It was on there for ever.

Bw_ss_logo_300 ScreenScape is an Internet service and community that offers a smarter, simpler, and more cost-effective way for anyone to use screens in their venue.

Conceived last summer and officially born last September, this week marks the start of our private beta testing.  That means we are inviting a select group of interested venues to try our service for a limited time and help us to make it even better.

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2007 PEIMAs on Video

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Music PEI, Radio@UPEI, and IMAC teamed up once again to bring you some great highlights from the PEI Music Awards.

Patrick Ledwell did the opener and I helped a little behind the scenes, but full credit should go to the talented folks of the Island Media Arts Co-Op who showed the initiative and the drive to see these videos through production and deliver them to you in a timely fashion.  Lot of hard work here folks as the videos clearly demonstrate.  It would be nice to see a little money go, each year, to these new media artists so that they can bring some real leverage to this very well produced event.  A more cost-effective, more worthwhile means of bringing PEI Music to the world you never will find.

(p.s. New media artists + great East Coast Musicians = Powerful combination).

The boys at ONE

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Our boys are turning ONE

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the road behind us

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It was one year ago today that Courtenay and I visited the IWK for what we thought would be a routine ultrasound to first hear, rather, about complications we would face for the next four months, and for Courtenay to learn she'd be there in bed for the next four months (save a couple of weeks).  If only we could have know that it would all be fine.  What a year.

The boys at 7 months

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Time flies.  It's been seven months since our boys arrived

The first six months were tough.....but it has gotten considerably easier - starting about the six month mark.   I hesitate to use the word easier in any sentence mentioning infant twins....but everything is relative.   Until April both Gram and Noah were stirring several times through the night.   Gram decided he could go the entire night without a feeding and sometime around the middle of April just did it.  Noah, clearly the more wiry and restless of the two, had become notorious for being difficult when going to bed, and for waking up every couple of hours.  It was exhausting for everyone.  But he too, around the first week of May, decided he would sleep more.  Lately he has been waking up just once each night.  So between the hours of 7pm and say 6:30, 6:00, 5:30am our boys are quite happily asleep which means Mom & Dad can get their (relative) sanity back.

It has been a small miracle that Courtenay and I have been able to do anything else this winter.  Perhaps I'm prone to some hyberbole on the topic. But we're getting the hang of it, we think.....I'm sure....at least for now. 

The six month mark also signalled significant changes in the boys.  They are both becoming much more aware of everything, much more interested in every little thing, much more interactive, much more expressive.   Now they beam when Mom or Dad comes home......which just melts your heart.

boys hanging

Gram is a stickler for routine.  He will tell you, somehow, if the schedule is different today.   If everything is going as usual he is quite tolerant - happy to cooperate with just about anything.  If he misses a nap or gets thrown off his routine, by late afternoon, he will get surly and really make you pay.  There is nothing he loves more than eating.....at which point he becomes very demanding.  If you don't keep up the pace with the shovelling he will let you know it.  He can sit up all by himself but hates being on his stomach.  Calm as anything, if you lay him down he won't move.  He can just about get his jumper off the ground.  And often he can amuse himself quietly, contentedly, beside you for long periods of time.

Noah is a little less predictable which means the strict schedule isn't quite as important with him.   He is inquisitive and busy - always interested in what you're doing.  He'll be the kind of kid that just goes until he drops.  He too is ready to sit by himself and unlike Gram likes to roll around on the floor and doesn't mind being on his stomach one bit.  He may start to crawl one of these days.   Noah also loves his jumper.  And bounce?  He'll bounce himself into walls and laugh.

Both of them have adorable personalities.  Obviously very different.  Just in the past they've started to enjoy each other's company.  They'll coo back and forth in their exersaucers and laugh at what the other has to say.

Hope you are doing well....as you can imagine...everyday is an adventure for Mom & Dad.

Surrealist view of the 2007 ECMA Gala

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One of the highlights of last month's Centered screenings was this surrealist view of the recent East Coast Music Awards gala ceremonies video'd and edited by the force that is the Island Media Arts Co-op's tireless director Mille Clarkes.

Or is it a nouveau-cubist portrayal?  In any case it gives a much more holistic view of the night and what goes into it.  You can learn a lot from this video.

The last in the Centred Screenings series goes this coming Monday.

Keep'n it gangsta dogg

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G-R-to-tha-izzam is over ten pounds n Nizzy isn't far behind. We're thoroughly exhausted but pimpin' tha challenge. Keep'n it gangsta dogg.

This and more shiznet if you throw http://www.markhemphill.com into the jive talking Gizoogle.

A thousand thank-you's

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As nice as it was to live there at the time, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have these boys while we were in Toronto.  I'm sure we would still have had the support of family and friends, but the scale, distance, and shear logistics of the big city would have been somewhat isolating - not to mention the hectic grind of day-to-day life that is quite different altogether than life here on the Island.   Would our street have organized a time-of-need supper club that delivered a (gourmet) meal to our door for fourteen weeks, as the wonderful people of Greenfield Avenue have done?

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Add your own caption...

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Gram and Noah portrait - upright
Gram and Noah portrait - reclining
Gram and Noah at 3months.  More pics.